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Enjoy the fresh air

Open the visor on your lid in the countryside, and get a big whiff of cow poo - or fresh air. Motorcycling is an outdoor hobby, fresh air stimulates us and looking at trees apparently is called ‘tree bathing’ and reduces stress. Every day is a learning day!

Meet new people

How many times have you pulled up to a new place and met a biker, and instantly had something in common to talk about with them? Trading riding stories, route stories and bike gossip - motorcycling is a top way to meet new people

Disconnect from technology

When you’re riding, you’re riding. You are served with that brief disconnect from the online world, and I’ve spoken to countless riders who consider putting their lid on as entering their own space.

Welcome to Mental Health Care
Welcome to Mental Health Care

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In a recent small survey of 1000 motorcyclists, Asda Money wanted to look at why people decided to ride. They also spoke with British road racer Leon Haslam for his comment on how motorcycling is an escape for (most) people.

The top reasons for enjoying motorcycling were found to be: enjoying a sense of freedom (59%), the thrill of riding a bike (40%) and the ability to travel (34%). But interestingly here, some riders expressed how two wheels have also helped them with anxiety and/or depression.

Why Choose Motorcycling for better health

Why motorcycling is good for our mental health

Ever thought about the link between motorcycling and mental health?

As we watch history unfold with COVID-19, there has never been anything like this in the lives of Australians today. Lockdowns, curfews, border restrictions, work from home have all seen us crawl back into our homes and watch the world from afar.

You may be heading (or are already) into lockdown fatigue, endless news feeds, missed loved ones, and perhaps, facing financial concerns, you need to remember how important our motorcycling and trail bike riding is to our life and mental wellbeing.

That said, you do need to be mindful of the new pressures on us and our family – and use your bike in a positive way to de-stress and recharge.

You probably already know that motorcycling and mental health go together – it makes you feel free, boosts your mood and increases caffeine levels (if you are one of the hundreds who head to the coffee shop during a ride)!

Why Choose Motorcycling for better health
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Ride Motorcycle for good Mental Health


Mental Health and the Motorcycle

In the wake of recent celebrity suicides, this seems like a good time to talk about the motorcycle and mental states. This isn’t really a secret, but I have clinical depression and anxiety and I have been on medication for it since November 2016.

Mental illness is a serious issue in the modern world, and I know I’m not alone in my struggles with it. Unlike other chronic illnesses like diabetes and Crohn’s Disease, mental illness tends to elicit a more dismissive attitude from others, though ignoring it can often prove just as fatal.

Depression for me is this deep, dark inability to love and like myself. It was so deep and so dark that it never even occurred to me that I just genuinely didn’t have any love or appreciation for myself until one day (post-medication), I did. I also just assumed that everyone was like me – because that’s the human condition I guess. I would get the warm fuzzies for other people, dogs, books, all kinds of things. But I never once had a positive warm emotion toward myself.

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