105 Mindful Affirmations For Being Present

How often have you tried to practise mindfulness but over and over you find that your mind just wants to wander off and think about that bill you have to pay or what you’re going to eat for dinner later? The truth is, mindfulness can be hard to practise almost to the point where you can constantly question if you’re doing it right mid-flow. In situations like this, mindful affirmations can help.

Affirmations can help you to reprogram the subconscious mind by intentionally saying positive phrases to yourself. Whilst thinking positive affirmations or phrases can be helpful, saying them out loud to yourself can bring them to life. As you use the word ‘I’ in your mindful affirmations, you bring the focus back onto yourself, in the present moment.

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts,”

Marcus Aurelius

I’m a strong believer that your happiness is indeed dependent largely on the quality of your thoughts. So, what if you verbalised your positive thoughts and practised bringing them to life every day? This is how mindful affirmations can help you to be more present when you’re practising mindfulness.

If you find your mind wandering during a mindfulness exercise you can use a mindful affirmation to bring your attention back to the present moment.

With this in mind, here are 105 mindful affirmations you can use to gently ease your unwanted thoughts out of the way.

105 Mindful Affirmations

I do not judge these thoughts, they are simply passing visitors

This present moment belongs to me

This moment right now is all there is to care about

I am alive right now

I am here and I am safe

I can do great things with my mind

I do not fear tomorrow or long for yesterday

The perfect time is right now

I am proud of myself

I am trying my best and that’s all I can do

I sit here with my body, loving it and welcoming peace

I am not concerned with anything but right now

I welcome my thoughts

It is my only task to observe my thoughts, not hold onto them

I exhale tension and inhale peace

I am okay with simply being

I sit here, without judgment and that sets me free

I am here and that’s everything I need

Like the base of the greatest mountain, I am strong and rooted

Tomorrow will come as it always does so right now I will simply be

My energy is focused on light, not fear worry or pain

I soak in energy and use it for good

I have everything I need within me

I celebrate this body. This body that allows me to love, to move and to breathe in this universe

The challenges in my life do not define me

I welcome hardship and watch as time erodes it

I see good within myself, the goodness that has always been there

I use my life to live each moment fully

Every moment is precious

I am grateful for every single moment that passes

I am alive, growing and on the right path

I feel my chest lift with every breath and feel myself here

As the universe changes constantly, I too change with each moment

I honour myself

Every beautiful moment in my life has led me to this one

I see the beauty in all life and all things

I feel the Earth below my body, cradling me and holding me safe

I am not perfect and that is okay, that is normal

I am proud of myself for taking this moment to check in with myself

I believe in myself, right now, to make the right choices

I choose to cultivate positive thoughts

I deserve to experience each moment fully

This moment is full of harmony

Stress is my choice, and so, I decide to release it here

I am the master of my own mind

Inside me lives passion, gratitude and strength

I choose to invite light into my life

I can change things for the better

I can be a guiding light for my loved ones

I am braver than I know

I am grateful for everything in my life

I stand tall and firm like a beautiful tree, connected to the Earth

I am rooted in love and compassion

I observe myself right here with nothing but compassion

The present moment guides me

I feel myself living and all the normal sensations in my body

Whatever must be done, I will do it

This is a unique moment and I cherish it

To be here right now is a gift and something I recognise as special

Fears do not affect me, they do not guide me or make me better or worse

I am not my thoughts

I am fully willing to be engaged in this moment

I am content to just be

My heart beats strongly and I follow that calming rhythm

My busy mind dissipates in this moment and I am left with nothing but calm and focus

My inner peace rises from me and floods every cell in my body

I trust myself in this moment

This moment nurtures me like little else

In front of me now I see nothing but clarity

This moment allows me to see my full potential

It is okay for me to stop and simply exist with expectation

The opinions of others do not affect my sense of inner peace right now

I wish to be fully present therefore I am

The power of my mind is greater than any other external force

I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now

I am not afraid, just eager with an open mind

I am alive right now and that in itself is a miracle

The absence of thought right now leaves the right space for warmth and love to flourish

I am thankful for everything and everyone in my life

From this moment on I will live with intention

Everything is happening just as it should and that is right

I can change the world with my own mind and my own words

I do not feel hatred for anyone, only love and forgiveness

This moment fills me with love and a sense of excitement

There are many things to look forward to right now

I will overcome my challenges from one moment to the next

I am my own guiding light when things seem dark

All that is needed from me is to be here, in this moment

The way I feel is not who I am but what I experience

Each precious moment passes and I get stronger and stronger

I am at ease with all that comes my way

My mood changes like the seasons but I am just an observer

I am powerful, I am strong and I am rooted here

I am set free by letting go of my expectations

I will always remember; I am okay to be here, now

What will come will come but I will remain present

My anxiety is drifting like a log in a river. I will not try to grab it

I show love towards my body. It has got me this far and for that, I am grateful and respectful

Good things will come my way because I will stay present

Like the sun rises each day, I will stay grounded each day

I am free from that which I cannot control

I am more capable than I give myself credit

I am patient with myself for I do not need to rush

Today I will expect challenges but the Earth will continue to hold me firm, just like today, just as it will tomorrow

I bring myself here with good intentions but without expectation

Use these mindful affirmations to be here, right now.

These mindful affirmations are simple yet powerful phrases. To be fully present in the moment can take practise, especially if you’re not someone who has practised mindfulness much. However, these affirmations are beautifully simple and can be done by anyone, at any time.

When you’re ready to practise mindfulness in a way that suits you best, try saying a few of these affirmations for mindfulness to yourself. If you feel silly doing it, don’t worry. I can feel silly at first. However, in time, these affirmations can help steer you onto the right track.

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