Christmas Dinner Must Haves!

I LOVE a Christmas dinner! We do not have many roast dinners throughout the year, so Christmas dinners are always looked forward too… but there are many debates about what makes a good Christmas Dinner… here are our thoughts!

I asked our SeeTheUniverse team what they thought made a good Christmas Dinner… I would love to know your thoughts on their answers – let us know in the comments below!

MJ – Sprouts! Little tip – Roast them with a drizzle of olive oil and some garlic – changes the game completely!

This sparked a little bit of judgment from Jacob, who does like sprouts, but can live without them.

MJ also stated that Pigs in Blankets are a must; which Jacob most definitely agreed with, he also said that his favourite part of a Christmas dinner has to be the mashed potatoes and/or the roasties!

For me, the mash is top tier when it is super cheesy and I love a homemade gravy rather than granules.
I also really love parsnips – but only when they are cooked to be crispy!

One thing that was not mentioned in this conversation (but definitely should have been – in my opinion) is YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS!
Every year without fail, we would sit down at my Grandmas dining table ready to dig into our over-piled plates of food and my Gran would suddenly remember that she didn’t put the Yorkshire puds in the oven! Luckily they take 5-10 mins, so we wouldn’t have to go without!

What must you have on your Christmas Dinner? Let us know!

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