How do I join the Beautiful Voyager community?

Photo by John Schnobrich

I received a great question yesterday via email to Beautiful Voyager:

How do I join the online community Beautiful Voyager without dealing with Facebook and social media? Both overwhelmed me and irritated me to no end.

(It’s a great question. Is it possible to build online community without social media?)

The email went on: I purchased your book Get Out of My Head and you can read my take on it on my Amazon review. Paradigm changing. So of course…I want more of anything that calms me down.

(The words “paradigm changing” filled my heart with joy. Even better was knowing that my book helped someone feel grounded and calm. I think this voyager is smart and intuitive for tuning into their nervous system and knowing what works for them.)

Thank you for the deliberate design and details and intentional creation of this book. You are an anxious overthinker in the best sense of the word. If that makes any sense. It leads you to pay attention to every detail. Again thank you. I hope I can find ways to connect.

(This is why voyagers need voyagers! We get each other.)

I wrote back and shared three ways to get more involved in the Beautiful Voyager community, all for free. I thought it might be good information to share with all of you, too. Which is why you’re reading this now.

Photo by Luuk Wouters

Here are a three ways to join the community: 

1. Let me know where you want to put a lighthouse on this map (totally free). All I need is the location and the name of your lighthouse. If you’d like to send a message in a bottle out into the world, you just send me that as well! You will see how those messages in bottles work by clicking around the map.

2. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Slack, but there is a Beautiful Voyager Slack community that you can join for free simply by clicking this link.

3. There is a series of “Meet a Voyager” here on Substack. Subscribe to the newsletter or respond to the chat prompts. It’s where I share stuff I’m reading that I find interesting and thought-provoking. 

Beyond that, I would recommend the free emotion-tracking app called How We Feel. It’s not an online community, but it is an incredible way to find a shared language with others (and connect in an authentic way with the people you love). I’ve been lucky enough to work on this project for the past three years.

What about you, reader? How do you create community beyond social media? How do you find things that calm you down?

I’d love to hear about it — comment here or join the community 🙂

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