How Much is Celexa With & Without Insurance?

Celexa (citalopram), a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), is a frequently prescribed drug used to treat depression and anxiety disorder. Celexa and other selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor medications work by increasing serotonin levels in the brain. 

The price of prescription medication like Celexa can vary based on things like whether or not you have insurance, the dose strength, and other factors. Filling a prescription for Celexa without insurance can cost between $200-$400 for a 30-day supply. With insurance coverage or coupons, the prescription drug can be much more cost-effective.

Continue reading to answer the question how much is Celexa without insurance (and with it) and to hear ways you can manage the cost so it’s affordable. 

Is Celexa Covered by Insurance?

Knowing exactly how much will Celexa cost with insurance can be tricky. It depends on multiple things, but your plan type is one of the most important factors. Generally, most major health insurers will cover at least some form of antidepressant medication like Celexa. 

Employer-sponsored health plans typically cover Celexa as well. The same is also true for Medicaid and Medicare, which normally cover Celexa when it’s prescribed for depression.

Cost of Celexa Without Insurance

How much is Celexa without insurance? Celexa’s price without insurance can widely vary, depending on where you purchase it, the dosage, and whether you get the brand name or generic version. 

With the use of a coupon or savings card, a 30-day supply of 10mg tablets of Celexa without insurance can cost, on average, around $40 to $50. The price drops significantly when you look at Celexa’s generic cost without insurance — in fact, it can be as low as less than $10 for a 1-month supply. That said, though the generic version of Celexa (citalopram) is one of the least expensive SSRIs, the FDA has only approved it to treat depression.

Research shows that the cost for a 1-month supply of 10mg Celexa (citalopram) tabs depends on the pharmacy you fill your prescription at.

Factors that impact the cost of Celexa

Several factors can affect the price of prescription medication like Celexa, including the dosage you’re prescribed, what pharmacy you use, where you live, if you get the brand-name or generic version of the prescription drug, and if you have coupons or manufacturer discount cards. Keep in mind that in order to even get Celexa, you need a prescription from a doctor or psychiatrist so you’ll also want to factor in the cost of a psych

“Managing the costs of prescriptions can be overwhelming. It’s best to work closely with your provider to understand the treatment plan and, of course, the anticipated outcomes. Ask questions but don’t hesitate to pursue a self-education regarding the cost of dosages and the anticipated course of treatment. Cost can certainly impact any stress that comes with taking a new prescription, so it’s never a bad idea to also inquire about your healthcare coverage to plan.”

Talkspace therapist Elizabeth Keohan, LCSW-C, LICSW, LCSW 

Cost of Celexa With Insurance

The monthly cost for Celexa when using insurance is contingent on your plan’s deductible and copayment. It’s not difficult to get financial assistance or a patient assistance program for medications like Celexa. Check your policy or call your insurer for more information. 

How to Get Celexa Without Insurance

If you don’t have health insurance or your current plan doesn’t cover Celexa, it’s true that the cost of this medication can add up over time. Nevertheless, there are a variety of solutions that can make Celexa more economical, including:

Asking your doctor for the generic version

Looking into patient aid initiatives from drug makers

Comparing costs at different pharmacies

Buying Celexa online

“There are online options to source prescriptions without insurance, but I encourage you to do your homework about your treatment plan first to avoid further stress with the unknowns. Work with your clinician regarding generic options and if other cost-effective medications might be available. We can feel empowered by taking control of our understanding and by learning that feeling well can be without limitations, even if we anticipate a financial change due to health needs.”

Talkspace therapist Elizabeth Keohan, LCSW-C, LICSW, LCSW 

Affordable Online Mental Health Treatment

The stress of wondering how much Celexa costs without insurance can be overwhelming, especially for your mental health. For those without insurance, online psychiatry platforms provide an accessible and affordable solution. Online platforms like Talkspace mean you can now access convenient and affordable mental healthcare from licensed professionals, even making therapy without insurance a possibility.

If you’re curious about the cost or side effects of a Celexa prescription, get connected with a Talkspace psychiatrist to get your questions answered.


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