I’m lonely and depressed in my first job. What can I do? | Ask Annalisa Barbieri

The adult world can feel big and scary at first. Can you start by reaching out to people you feel comfortable with?

A few months ago I graduated from university and started my first full-time job. It’s a really good position to have at my age in an industry I really want to be in, and my co-workers are very polite. On the flip side, I’m a good 20 years younger than almost everyone around me, and the few people in their late 20s are pretty uninterested in me.

I have always struggled with making friends, and mostly focused on my academic work to fill the void. Now I find myself being both the least knowledgable, and socially awkward to boot. I have no friends in my office, and barely have time to see the few I have from university. I feel like my loneliness is eating me alive and every day it gets worse.

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