Somewhere but Nowhere?

,Everyone has been in this place in their life. If you haven’t then trust me, you will be.

,There comes a time in your life where you feel that whenever you take one step forward, you seem to take 2 steps back. It’s like no matter what you do or where you turn, you seem to always find yourself standing nowhere but somewhere.

,Sometimes you feel yourself floating and out in the wind drifting away but is that really the case? I mean you may think that you have total control of your destiny or fate like the world says but how do you really know where you are. Just think about it; what is the highest success a person could ever have mentally, or physically?

,Even though you may think or even feel that you may be nowhere, believe it or not your somewhere. You shouldn’t go based off your feelings, but in the one who is steady looking out for you even if you can’t see it in the natural.

,So, don’t get upset, frustrated, sad, doubtful, or ambivalent about yourself and where you are in your journey because your somewhere, just not where everyone else is.


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