Summertime and the Living is…Busy

It feels like I write a version of the same post every year. I don’t intend to write this post, and I don’t even know how I get to the point I do. But at some point during the summer, I take a moment, I look around, and I take in just how busy I am.

Oh, you thought I’d say how calm everything was at the moment? That after writing about the importance of slowing down, I’d be able to have create more time for myself? Though I have been able to create some time for myself and been able to spend time with people I love, my life feels anything but calm.

But even though things feel a bit all over the place right now, I am very excited. Life is crazy in a good way, and good things are happening. But they’re also directly challenging the idea I’ve always had about summer – namely, that it’s a time to relax. Instead, I’ve found that summer can often be one of the busiest times of the year.

Over time, I’ve started to challenge my preconceived notion of what a ‘busy’ time and a ‘relaxing’ time. I used to base these thoughts on what was going on around me – holidays, annual traditions, things like that. I’d become annoyed when I had a lot to do, especially when it seemed like everyone else was having fun or enjoying themselves. This type of thinking centered on what I thought I should have been doing instead of what I was actually doing. And it set me up to fail.

It wasn’t until recently I realized that the most important schedule I need to keep track of is my own. It doesn’t matter what things should or shouldn’t look like in my life. The main thing that matters is what is going on, and focusing on doing what I need to do. My life has ebbs and flows, as does everyone’s. Even though it’s always been that way, it hasn’t always been something I’ve accepted.

I want to let go of the idea that I should or should not feel a certain way – there is only what’s in front of me. I’m hoping that even though I have a lot to do in the weeks and months ahead, I can have a better attitude about it. By accepting what’s in front of me, I’m not trying to change the inevitable. Things won’t always be this way, and I’ll find a balance in my life again.

It’s a cliche that comparison is the thief of joy, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Whether summer is a busy time or a relaxing time for you, I hope that you enjoy what’s in front of you. And when you have a moment or two to yourself, I hope you soak it in and that it brings you joy!

Now over to you! Has your summer felt relaxing, or does it feel like things are moving a million miles per hour? Let me know in the comments below!

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