Ways to survive DEPRESSION

Around this time of the year, depression makes its way towards a lot of people. Whether it’s seasonal or an everyday battle, depression has a mind of its own and is ready to battle against any and every mind that is susceptible, vulnerable, and/or weak. I want to give a list of things that can be helpful for you to survive and later defeat depression. You may already be participating in these activities, but I want to help you enhance your way through and around it!

LET YOUR THOUGHTS FLOW AND BECOME THOUGHT OF. It may sound crazy but allowing those negative thoughts to flow can lower the burden of sadness, humiliation, and self-sabotage. Be in the moment to stop and feel and don’t be afraid to be alone in your thoughts. Let your thoughts (whether they are negative OR positive) do what they do best, think: Because you know what is true and you control those thoughts.

PRAY/READ – Most people are not spiritual and don’t believe in Jesus but knowing that you can pray and ask to someone who is has the ability to renew and refresh your spirit is breathtaking. Having peace that surpass all understanding is something that everyone should have access to no matter the circumstance. On the other hand, reading is very essential. Reading produces activity in the brain and reduce the tension in the brain.

3. EAT – Yes, I said it! A lot of times, depression focuses on your mind more than your physical body. And when that happens your physical body is left without attention and that causes your body to be in survival mode and many things can happen. Besides eating in this matter, DRINK MORE WATER! Whether it’s hot or cold, water is needed. Adding lemon or lime to your water can help replenish dehydration in the body. You could also add any fruits or veggies of your liking to help benefit you.

4. CLEAN YOUR SPACE – When depression swoops in, it only focuses on the mind. And that makes everything else non-essential. Which leads to uncleanliness and messes everywhere. I remember having a bad headache and not being able to get rid of it. One day I noticed a pile of clothes in the corner of my room and it being there for at least a week. I took pain medicine and did everything in the book, but couldn’t quite I understand why the headache was still there. So I picked up the clothes and wash them and cleaned up that are and after 10 mins or so, the headache went away. This applies to cleansing your body from toxins that causes bacteria and viruses.

5. IT’S FINE TO SLEEP IN SOME DAYS, BUT DON’T STAY THERE – Sleeping is a great thing to do trust me, but letting it take up most of your day is not something you want. I can’t lie that I sleep in until 12pm and even 2pm but I still get up and make the most of what I can control. Don’t let sleeping in become a habit, eventually that will become harder by the day to overcome.

There are many more ways to overcome depression, but I wanted to highlight these 5 points. These were the things that helped me and continues to help me not only to survive but overcome depression. Knowing that there are things out there even above my comprehension to help me overcome depression is mesmerizing. Taking heed of the things that is laid out before you are not to benefit others but to benefit and influence you.

Ps, Hope this helps!

PSALMS 5:1-2

PSALMS 13:5-6


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