Why is Lavender that gurl

Lavender has been one of the world’s most successful plants. Because of its versatility and aromas, lavender has climbed its way to the top for many businesses outside of aroma therapy. High end brands like Dr. Teals and Bath and Body Works makes an innovative profit from Lavender, and it continues to be one of their greatest sellers.

Benefits of Lavender include:

– improvement of sleep

– natural remedy for pain

– reducing blood pressure

– calming the mind and body

– treats headaches

– anti-inflammatory elements

– etc…

Lavender has become one of my key sources of breezing through life without stress. I can list many reasons why lavender is that gurl, but you would have to try it in order to experience the life changing benefits that Lavender offers. Include Lavender in your life and you won’t regret it. Lavender has become my best friend now!

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