A Fertile Land of Dreams Coloring Book – Look Inside the Book

Hi you amazing trauma healing people around the world, 

I just published a new coloring book! It’s called – A Fertile Land of Dreams – Mandalas with Uplifting Poetry Coloring Book. 

This is a creative arts book that combines unique, artistic mandalas with inspirational poetry.  Here is the cover I designed:

A Fertile Land of Dreams Book Cover

Why Self-regulation is so Important Right Now

Right now it’s more important than ever for us to calm our nervous systems. The collective traumas we’re going through really do take a toll on our bodies. Current events – war, pandemic, economic instability, etc.  –  promote the disintegration of mind and emotions. Doing simple creative things like coloring a coloring book or making arts and crafts can help to integrate the mind and emotions. Coloring is surprisingly relaxing and helps to bring about self-connection and slowing down. Coloring promotes feeling sensations of goodness in the body – enjoyment, relaxation, and settling. Calm, focused coloring also accesses the creative brain which is a different part of the brain than the stressed-out brain – so it promotes the exercising of a calmer part of the brain. 

I hope this book can help people ground, calm down their nervous systems, feel uplifted, and take small time-outs from this stressful world we’re living in. 

Video – Look Inside A Fertile Land of Dreams Coloring Book

Gallery of 35 Illustrations

(click on images to enlarge)

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