Gift Ideas for Him

It can be difficult to find gifts for all of our loved ones! Some people find it especially tricky to shop for their male friends/family members; so here is a mini gift guide!

You cannot go wrong with a good ol’ smelly set! My personal favourites to buy are Nivea sets or Loreal Men sets as they tend to have some really lovely gift boxes for a reasonable price.
If you were looking for something a little pricier, then I tend to lean towards Ted Baker / Jack Wills / Hugo Boss sets!
Here are some that I have came across this year:

3-piece set my L’oreal Men includes: Face wash, shower gel and moisturiser. They are intended to give you a boost of energy and are recommended to be used during your morning shower routine!
You can find it at Boots, here.

Four L’oreal Men face masks; 2x charcoal masks and 2x energetic masks.
Because men deserve self care too!

I love a good face mask and pamper night and it is really lovely to do this together with my other half… and what better way to encourage him to take part, than buying him his very own set of face masks?
You can find in Boots, here.

This Nivea Men collection includes 5 products; deodorant, moisturiser, face wash, shower gel and lip balm.

I personally love Nivea products, I have very sensitive skin and this brand has always worked well for me!
You can find in Boots, here.

2. Experience Days! Now, I may be late jumping on the bandwagon here, but these things are fantastic! There are various companies that offer these gifts, giving you the chance to find something within your price range. From £30 couple spa days to £180 super car racing days, the choices are endless! Some of the companies worth taking a look at are listed below:

Virgin Experience Days



3. Personalised Gifts: If you are looking for something with a personal touch, I have two go-to websites for you! Etsy and NotOnTheHighStreet.
These two places seem to have absolutely anything you can think of! Perfect for those unique, personal gifts.
From personalised drink ware and clothing, to jewellery, home decor and more! My favourite thing about Etsy; is that whilst you find the perfect gift for a loved one, you are also helping out small businesses!

4. Alcohol based gifts for those who enjoy a drink or two! Every year, alcoholic gift sets seem to become more and more popular, with something new popping up each time! NotOnTheHightStreet have some really unique alcoholic gift sets, perfect for spirit drinkers, wine drinker or beer drinkers!

5. A lot of men tend to ask for socks/underwear… god knows why or how they go through so many but that is a post for another day! Socks and underwear can be bought at most supermarkets and clothing retailers, but if you wanted to add a fun, personal touch, you can purchase personalised underwear online! You can add choose the colour and the text… and even add pictures… it is a little creepy, but would definitely get a laugh!

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